Which program can you recommend to use admob rewarded video system?


I m planning to use admob rewarded video system in my apps. I know only app inventor and thunkable. I don’t know any java, c++ … Which program is the easiest way to write this kind a app?

it is going to show a picture and play to sound. like this

it is educational app for Turkish students. I want to add admob rewarded video system. Which program are enabled?

unity3d-construct 2-android studio…

I have a or two months to do this. Any suggestions?


Let’s begin from that. That you are talking off-topic things…
Unity 3d is used for creating games in c#/javascript
Android studio is used for making android apps in java/kotlin
Admob rewarded ads - admob ad format…
App inventor/thunkable - visual programming emvironment
So how you use android studio/unity with thunkable…

I can just recommend making an extension for that.


I m not use with thunkable. I have a lot of pictures, sounds, for educational purpose. I m gonna start from zero in script-software area. So I m asking which program work with admob rewarded video system? which program is easiest to do something like educational app?


Not Thunkable/App Inventor/AppyBuilder? Well then you have to code your app yourself. Don’t think to get everything for free & without any work :wink:
I can just recommend using Android Studio. But you have to learn Java then.


I never say what is the right code.? I m gonna learn right tool for coding.

I said which program working with admob rewarded. I searched little bit. android studio is working. unity 3d working.

is there a paid site (visual programming emvironment) for coding work with admob rewarded video system? Because there is no java I built faster.


I found Google Blockly. admob rewarded video system working with blocky?


Bahadir please don’t ask random questions. Read more about everything. Blockly is a library. Which App Inventor, Thunkable, AppyBuilder use. It is used for displaying block editor.


I don’t understand please talk fluently.
I don’t understand these:

and a few more…


It is not a random question. If it works, thunkable users who knows about visual programming, can write first in visual area then copied to android sdk, so software area is easier than normal way. I already told you I have apps in thunkable. I m gonna copy the logic. But It is not small business it has more than 100 buttons-pictures-sounds. If I choose this way, and already is not possible, so much work for nothing.


Sorry, I don’t get/understand everything you say, but I will try to reply to your question in a way I understand.

Well, if you want to code in visual & get Java code afterwards. I can just recommend “App Inventor Java Bridge”. Although you won’t be able to import current Thunkable project it, just make a new one. Also, you should know, that Android programming is not easy as I assume you think. Especially with AdMob.
First you have to learn Java, because you don’t know anything about it, as you said. I recommend using SoloLearn, afterwards, check out Android Fundamentals for basic fundamentals for Android.


This thread feels like a derailment. Let’s start from the beginning, and re read the original question:

You only know App Inventor and Thunkable.
You made apps in those platforms already.
You want to use rewarded video ads.

As of today, Thunkable still doesn’t support rewarded video ads. Only banners and interstitial ads.
I think Appy Builder has the same two types of ads but they have more blocks to control other events of the ads.

There’s no practical way (at least that I know of) to incorporate rewarded video ads into App Inventor/Thunkable yet.

If you are thinking about learning a full featured programming platform to make apps, I can recommend you to start with Android Studio.

Does that answer your question?


I did not write this topic. Someone change to topic. I ask some question for suggestion. so far answer is only android studio. I got my answers. SO thanks.


Taifun did :slight_smile:


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"Which program can you recommend to use admob rewarded video system?

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Ca i use my aia file in andoid project