Where is the Storage section?

I have a problem that i don’t have stroge section in component. Do i need to do something to get it. Im on Android if it changes something.


Unless you mean “storage”, which is there:

Please bear in mind that we have a lot of members who do not speak English as their first language and, regardless of ones native language that typos happen.

Just FYI - when a users name appears in light grey like this it means that they are a new user. I feel that we - the existing members of the community - have a responsibility to be open, supportive and encouraging to new community members.


Hi @karlisfd :wave:

Just in case @CBVG’s screenshot didn’t help, can you please attach a screenshot in your next post?

I was genuinely confused by the word, to the point I googled it first.

Even now, I am not sure this is what he meant.

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