Where is the code

I am wondering where is the code placed for AdMob ads in applications, I tried to search it and found that there was not AdMob ad code so how can I make sure that AdMob component really integrated my AdMob ad unit id

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Anyone out there???

You place the code anywhere it is pertinent to have it.

The “load ad” can be placed in the screen initialize block, or in a timer firing logic block; and you can have an event “ad loaded” to react to it if needed.

That’s fine but if I want to check it by extracting my APK , where can I find it, I just cannot track it down…

Try to search on community

oops error 404 :joy:
searched but cannot find something I want to know…

You want to find your code by unpacking your APK?

Sounds fishy.


I want to just confirm that is it there and is it only mine or something else, ** I was felling something fishy** that’s why I wanted to know this

Still waiting for reply

If you don’t put correct code or blank code, admob won’t work.

You didn’t get the question right.
Ads are working fine but I want to make sure it by looking it in the code that is it only mine…

I never bothered looking into the APK and hunt for AdMob code.
For all I know (or care) it could be encrypted anyway, so what is the point?

Please confirm:

You are asking us to help you extract information from an APK? Did you build it with Thunkable?

If you send me the AIA file, I will build the APK and try to debug it. However no one here will help you hack into an APK just because you say it is yours.

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ok, i will send you aia

test_browser.aia (2.0 KB)
here is aia, I have removed my ad unit id for security reasons…