When I Install My Thunkable App Then App Not Opening



Kindly tell me best solution for thunkable app because i facing problem my app not opening when i install

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Hello @umfarooq821

Please provide us more info. Any error message or screenshot of blocks. Describe your app so that community can help you resolve the issue.



bro how we take 6 pages screen shot and combine in one pic


Are you having the same problem?:


is there any trouble with thunkable? i’ve made 2 apps that have the same problem.


I’m having the same issue.


When you install your app does the button open is disabled ?

If yes, then save your aia to your computer
Upload again your aia to thunkable

You should probably won’t have this issue


at this moment, the problem has gone guys :grin: try then


hey yesterday only i made my application but it has not been opening as it stops working as soon as i turn it on need urgent help someone plzzz


can you be more specific?


How To solve this problem please i have same problem


yea…same here…i cant solve this issue

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