When downloading via webviewer, it always show unsuccessful

In my app I used extended web viewer to download something. But download always failed due to some reason. Can anyone point out the mistake I am doing here?
One more thing I am using “Label” as top progress bar which shows only when any site loads in webviewer> I set it to become invisible as site loaded 100%, but this also is not working?
I am giving blocks image that I used to do these things, plz point out the mistakes in it.

please decide, which distribution you are using and then ask in the corresponding forum instead of asking everywhere… your questions already have been answered elsewhere

No it’s not answered and I create my app on both platforms. To see from which it works better and then only I publish my app. :blush:

well, it does not make sense to use an empty filename, does it?
this was already answered

for further help you might want to ask the author of the extension, which is @ILoveThunkable


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Well I already checked that by filling it with a name but it’s still not working.

Now I again checked it and found out that only the pdf file is not downloading properly. I tried it with downloading an image and it downloads perfectly.
Do you know how to fix it?

what about using the correct mime type for pdf documents?
protip: do a Google search to find it out…

I used .pdf in mime type, but still pdf file download failed. :disappointed_relieved:

This time I used application/pdf still not able to download

If you a specify a filename it may help.

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I used abc, abcd.pdf, application/pdf, etc in file name still not able to download pdf files

what about using an existing filename?
neither abc nor application/pdf are filenames, are they?
to use mime type application/pdf is a good start…

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how to change download file name