Whatsapp Send Message extension

Hi all, i create this extension to send whatsapp message to a contact number, it is not necessary to keep it in your contacts

here is the blocks and properties of the extension:



And here is a video demostration (In the demostration i put my phone and a default message):

If you want this extension please donate,the minimum to donate is 2 dollars



If you don’t want to pay 2 dollars for this, use WhatsApp Click to Chat with the Web component


yes sir that’s right :wink: but with the extension it’s easier.

hola ivan moreno, ya realice la donacion,como obtengo el codigo?

Hola muy buenas disculpa haber tardado, amsi me dices tu correo te envio la extension

hola, te envio mi correo para recibir la extension,es [email protected]

Espero la extension para poder utilizarla,gracias!

Hi Ivan, i’ve done my donation. Can you send me the extension to [email protected] ? thanks!

I did not understand if to send the message I have to confirm on whatsapp or part automatically.
I need it to start automatically without confirmation. It can be done?

hello Ivan!!, I already send you a donation by paypal, could you send me the extension [email protected] please?

Sure, I’m not home now, in a few hours I send it to you.

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Hi sir, now you have access to the extension, I have sent you an email.

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Muchisimas Gracias!! funciona a la perfeccion!

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Hola! Me gustaría tener esa extensión! Es lo que necesito. Por favor alguien me puede como tengo que hacer. Muchas gracias

Hola ivan ya te deposité los 2 dólares. Te dejo mi mail para que me envíes la extensión!
[email protected]
Muchas gracias!