What's Runtime Exceptions on my APP how to resolve it


Hi Thunkers,

I made an app and its live as well on play store. But sadly some time my users are getting runtime exceptions. SO guys need your expert advice to understand the cause of the issue and how i can resolve in my new update to get better user experience.
I am attaching some of the exceptions screen shots from play store console app. Request your help on this. Thanks in advance.


which components and extensions are you using? probably a notification extension? how are you using it?



Yes Taifun,

I am using push notification and simple notifications component from toolbar not any extension and using internet check extension.
I simply drag the component and paste the one signal id into it that’s it, its working fine but i do not have any idea about the exceptions.
Actually I implemented push notification on this version of my APP only my previous version of APP doesn’t have one .So is it the reason because i see exceptions are coming in this version only. Please help.


It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.



Sure Taifun,
I am attaching screenshots of notification and internet extension usage .I have not used any code for push notification . Hope this help.

I am calling this procedure 2 on screen initialize event.

This is for exit button click event.


the screenshot looks more or less fine, except they will not work like this, because button1.Text is close or Yes and in the AfterChoosing event you are only checking for CLOSE… remember, names are case sensitive…

how are you using the push notification? any screenshot?


Hi Taifun,

I guess i messed my message/ Screenshot structure actually both the notifications are from different screens so no connection from to other. I am using AfterChoosing event CLOSE for close notification and YES for yes notification only.

No push notification code . I just pasted the code generated from firebase (Same DB which i am using for my APP) and registered my APP with OneSignal. But as per my observation my APP is started crashing after my Push Notification updates only and specifically its more in Android version 8.1.
I think its become very frequent now till now its more than 30 crash report i have received in last week only. my total installation is just crossed 55.

So guys i am really in need of your help. Please guide me on this.


Hi @Taifun ,
I am really in need of your help please guide me with the solution.


sorry, I do not have a solution for you,
probably someone else can help concerning One Signal…


Instead of using a push notification, try firebase. I use it to check for versions, and then activity starter to go to google play to get the update.

Then you dont need the IMEI. You can take that problematic element out of the equation.


Hi @Taifun so do you think it is something related to OneSignal ?

Hi @Cian_O_Sullivan thanks for the update actually i am sending daily notifications to my users about some news or informations its not only APP update. So can i still use firebase for this. It would be great if you can share some link to get the tutorial from.

Thanks a lot everyone for your time.


no. Firebase is call based . not push based. So you need OneSignal to send news to them. You have to decide if that feature is that important for your users based o the bug,

You ca go to firebase and also do automated testing. Maybe it will help.


OK Thanks buddy will try to check the automated testing part do you have any tutorial for that if yes please share it with me it would be a great help for me.