WebViewer showing half screen

I am having the same problem, webwier just show half screen.

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I have the same problem any solution to this?

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same problem since API28 update.
Removing [Show Status Bar] will cause more problems

I have same problem since yesterday.
I think it is about thunkable update (i use classic)
is there any solution?

this is a bug, which was introduced in the API 28 version of MIT App Inventor and as it seems to be affects devices which run on Android 9, see also https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mitappinventortest/4JEfVVa4I7Y/FJp1PLYyCwAJ

As soon this gets fixed in MIT App Inventor, the Thunkable team will add that patch also in Thunkable…


I’m having a similar issue with webviewer moving around on its own and admob banner being split in half showing half at the top of the screen and half at the bottom.

I’m just glad it’s not something I caused.

Any update???

Looks like that I’m having the same problem!

But, I don’t have the problem with Kodular!