Webviewer Refresh site when scroll up

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I am using a Web Viewer to show my mobile website. I think everyone knows it when you scroll up in the mobile browser then the site is refreshed. Is it possible to do this also with the webviewer?

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May you find the below extension by @ColinTree helpful :point_down:



That means I need to add my webviewer into an arangement and the extension can than work?

Just try it. I haven’t used it. I saw your post and felt that it can be used in your case so i told you.
Let me know if it worked for you. :+1:

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Yes it is working with an vertical scroll arrangement! But I need directly cancel the Refreshing, since it does not know when refreshing is finished. And I am also using the Extended Web Viewer Extension, but it does not recognize when page is loaded or progress has been done!

For this, I guess @ColinTree can help better since he is the developer of this (Swipe Refresh) extension. Best Luck :+1: :slight_smile: