Webviewer Problem (Need Expert Help)

Hello Thunkers
I just made a webviewer apps and set 13-15 button. When user click a specific button it’s load specific website. So that my all friends use some sort of website without remembering web address or writing web address again and again.
That’s cool right.
But There some problem.

  1. When i used to log in account on that website through this app it’s need twice to enter id and password. (first time log in not successful )
  2. After closing this app it’s automatically log out. That’s mean when i start again this app it’s need to sign in again.
  3. It’s taking little more time to load that website compare to other browser like chrome or UC.
  4. When Back button click it’s call notifier. After choose “No” It’s Shows welcome but webviewer doesn’t shows any webpage it’s show just blank white page.
    App Name : # Partner Panel 2.0
    You can check this app : https://www.besteducationpage.com/p/app-downoad.html