Webviewer is not detecting geolocation?


Webviewer is not detecting geolocation i used Ewv and Webviewtools extension.


Which blocks are you using to send to location to the webviewer? Are your using the WebView string??


i am not using webview string


without extension also not working in and desginer property it is checked…


Have you checked the “Uses Location” box in the properties?




I’m pretty sure that’s actually just a coarse, network connection. The webview string and a location sensor will give you a better result.


can you help me with that pleasee your solutions always works for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it really depends on what service you’re send your location days to, but perhaps something here might help?


No option found in new interface. Do you know how to do in latest x.thunkable.com ?


for #thunkable-cross questions, you might get more answers if you start a new thread in the #thunkable-cross category…