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I am making an app, and I need to know how to switch the useragent in the WebView. Although I have no idea how to do this.

If you are wondering why I need this it is because I need to display the desktop version of a site on my App.

Useragent switching spped

Try this extension by @Sivagiri_Visakan and @ILoveThunkable:


Thanks, I will try this out!


I tried it out and at first an error was popping up, then I made the error go away by adding some code. When it was not saying an error the WebView was blank. Any way to fix this??


GetUserAgent, returns current user agent, but it only works after using SetUserAgent. In case you want to use OAuth (or pretty much just delete ; wv) use EnableOAuth function.


I made a script to test the enable OAuth and the page never loaded. So I made a script that got the current useragent and just deleted ; wv. The useragent changed, but pages never loaded. So is this just a problem with my phone?


Please give your .aia file.


I recently have been making an app were it switches the useragent of a WebView to a desktop one. Although when I use the ExtendedWebview Extension to do this it, but the site does not even load at all. I added a loader to watch it’s load speed although the loader hits 100% immediately and then the screen is blank. What is wrong with this? Why doesn’t it work? The loader works, I tested it out without the useragent switching. There are no errors reported.


If you use UserAgent like “My Browser”, sometimes website even won’t load, because, you need to provide important things, like your WebKit version & etc.
Mozilla/5.0 (Device; Platform Version) AppleWebKit/WebKit Version (KHTML, like Gecko)


webview.aia (9.5 KB)
That is a simple thing I whipped up to show how it does not load.

WebView useragent

I tried this just to make sure:

It still does not work :frowning:


Hi @Csf30816 ,

I checked your aia file. You don’t load your website after setting the UserAgent .

Try using these blocks :

(I have used the URL the same as the Home URL in the aia file )

Let us know if this works .

How To Make Google Login From Web viewer

Thanks so much! That worked!!!



I’m a happy user of Thunkable
I want to use the webviewer to display a html5 page with a youtube video
Example : http://www.dockydoc.com/tv/tv/index_bgYTL4.html

With a desktop browser (Chrome, …) the video starts imediately
But with a mobile browser, it doesn t start unless you press a button

Is there a way to change the UserAgent to make it start imediately as in a desktop browser ?

Thanks for your help !

Lille (FRANCE)


I do not think that would help. I am pretty sure (not 100%) that on the WebView the HTML auto-play function is disabled, and you can not enable it through a UserAgent. Currently through any extensions there is no way to enable auto-play, sorry.

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You can also take a look into my and @Sivagiri_Visakan extended web viewer extension