Webview string ( Send and reserve data)


Hi guys
I want a clear idea of how the webview string Method works !!

For Example How to get Data From A website (webview)
Or how To set Data to A webSite


webview : www.google.com
-F erst Input search Words (ayoub Prova)
-on click on search Will send ayoub Prova To webview and get search page

Webviewer is not detecting geolocation?


Oky sorry :no_mouth:


you can’t get data from a website like this

see here what is possible
How to fill out a form of a webpage and click a button using some JavaScript
but this will not work with Google search…

see also here about the webviewstring
How does the property Webviewer.WebViewString work?



I had problems getting results from a Java Script into WebView String so I figure out a simple (for me) way to get it successfully based on your example. The logic is to wait until you get the result or meet the Timeout value.
I did that because I was testing my app in different speeds of internet

Hope that helps someone.

Edit 15/10/2017
Please do not trust this because isn’t working as expected :frowning: I’m working on that…