Webview and Facebook Login Not working



I am having a problem with a thunkable webview app that I am working on.

We have this responsive website that is being displayed through an android webview.

The website has a “Sign in with facebook” option , this work fine on the mobiles browser. And even on the Website it self. But when ever I try to use the webview app to login using facebook , it does not load or do anything.

I am having difficulties finding a solution to get this to work.

Appreciate any advise.


i enabled the following facebook developer app option .but still no luck.

Disable embedded browser OAuth flow if your app does not use it. Some desktop and mobile native apps authenticate users by doing the OAuth client flow inside an embedded webview. If your app does not do this, then disable the setting in Products > Facebook Login > Settings section of the App Dashboard.


Hi @bro!

Take a look at this WebVIewer extension by @Sivagiri_Visakan and @ILoveThunkable, I think it can do what you want:


thank you @Domhnall .will try that.