Web browser opening partway down the page rather than at the top



I created a simple android app with a few pages with web viewers. For some reason when I click on the button to take me to the web viewer, it does open the correct page, but it opens it partway down the page rather than at the top. Any thoughts on how I might have screwed this up?


Do you mean the when the website loads it opens in the middle of the website or is this to do with the UI components on your app screen?


Yes, that is what is happening to me.
Is there a way to afoid this?


What URL are you using? Does it contain a # symbol by any chance??


No URL and not any symbol


Can you send me a screenshot of it please?


Here you can see a print screen.
I have more text on top but cant reach it.
The page is scrollable.
On my device it wont open on top of the page


Hello, It may not be reachable due to the Screen1 being in scroll able mode, Try turn off scrolling, As the web Elements have Scroll already embedded, Having 2 scrollable interfaces on the entire screen might cause some issues. :slight_smile:

By disable scrolling, Should make the Web component responsive again