Web browser in favorite sites


I did my favorite add-on but I did not get to pick up my favorite
help pls
how is it done


@isimsiz_lordo Can you please explain the topic properly and if possible show us your blocks so that we can help you


im making a browser and i want add favorites fuction but i did add favorite but i did not delete the added favorite


Please speak in your native language, we can use a built in translator. Also make sure to take a look at How to ask Great Questions
You are probably referring to project saving? That your project was not saved? In this case, it’s your internet connection problem. Make sure to manually save the project once in a while


ben bir tarayıcı uygulaması yapıyorum ve siteyi favori olarak ekleme ve kaldırma özelliğini yapmak istiyorum. ekleme özelliğini yaptım ama kaldırma özelliğini yapamadım. yardım isiyorum @ILoveThunkable


@ILoveThunkable maybe you are commenting in the wrong Topic :smile:


No, I didn’t. It’s extremely hard to understand him:


Same here I didnt get the exact point what he is talking about only i understood from his post is that he is making a web browser where he want to add favorites button which he added but he didnt deleted it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


ben tarayıcı yapmak ve ben eklemek istemek favori özelliği

yapmak eklemek ama yapamamak kaldırmak



@Yusuf_Deniz may help?


ben denemek uzun basmak butona ama hata vermek?


What do you mean you try to hold the button, but you get an error. Which button specifically?


ben basmak uzun ama hata vermek:

The operation remove list item cannot accept the arguments: , [(https://www.google.com.tr/)], [https://www.google.com.tr/]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

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