Web app publishing error

This Thunkable is a trash web app makererro

I’ve already upgraded to PRO version but can’t download abb file to submit my app to Google Play Store

Even I am thinking the same as all these services are making me angry
Thunkable itself
Thunkable Live
Thunkable Apk

I can see that this is your first post in the community. This would not be a good way to participate and welcome the group.

Do you have a particular issue that you want to talk about?

Every platform has a way of ding things and when you are new you might find it challenging to get around it.

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I think you must have heard of Darren Ambles
Just copied an app from his remix vault and it showed this


I personally find Thunkable an extraordinarily useful website. I’ve been able to make a lot of apps with no trouble! What have you faced that makes you feel that way about Thunkable? Anytime you need help with something or if there’s a bug, you can always ask in the community and staff and members will respond to you.


And not just this even an app without any code is giving me same output

The platform is to provide solutions to others. You are using the services and need to use it in the way it is supposed to be used. Trying something your way (which might the services not designed for) will result in more frustration.

Please be specific of the issue to get help/guidance.


Welcome @valentine23407bob
Could you tell us whats wrong?
Perhaps you can show the error your getting by clicking on the “show details” button?

Maybe we can help you out.

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It shows this dialog when I click on download APK file or “Publish Android”. I’ve already bought Pro Membership

Is the crash only to this project that you remixed or to all your projects?

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All even Thunkable Live and Download showing same

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Can you create a new project, add a button or a label and test it?

Please do not use old or already made project. Start with a new project.

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I will update you

I just saw 2-3 Post saying having issues with thunkable I think it must be a server error

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It could very well be a server side error but it is not effecting everyone. I run few projects to try and all run well.

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Same just added a button

Check this project

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This is your project view

This is the preview from my android phone

I don’t know what is wrong at my end

And by the way the only feature I hate about thunkable live is it automaticly opens the app and if error no back button

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I did, see my previous post. I shared the screen from both the computer and the phone.