🖖 WDC 31: Can you re-create Domhnall's Rock Paper Scissors Game

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I shared my first #madeWithThunkable app with the Community - this simple Rock Paper Scissors game

With World Rock Paper Scissors day less than a month away now is the time to create and launch our own versions out into the world.


If you’re looking for some help getting started then codeswept has published this great tutorial in the Community here:

The Challenge

This one is pretty straightforward:

  1. Design a beautiful UI for your game (don’t forget to check out dribbble and Figma if you need inspiration)
  2. Allow your user to play Rock, Paper or Scissors
  3. Create the AI for the app to pick Rock, Paper or Scissors too
  4. Tell the user who the winner is!

As always, there are lots of things you can do in terms of extra functionality; you could unlock new objects after a certain number of plays, you could have an “unbeatable” mode, you can have extra complexity such as rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock…there are lots of different directions you can go with it.

The main thing of course is to have fun and share your learnings with the Community


Enter your app before August 27th to win Thunkable Prizes!


Here is my app for the Challenge


For more information on how I have created this app, watch this YouTube video


Very nicely done @John_Rouger. My favorite part is the computer seeming to “think” through the options before choosing one. Adds a little suspense to the experience.

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I am happy that you find it entertaining; this is why I have included this feature.

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someone should make a visual (and a game!) of Sheldon’s Rock,Paper,Scissor,Lizard,Spock game. here are the relationships:

Scissors cuts Paper
Paper covers Rock
Rock crushes Lizard
Lizard poisons Spock
Spock smashes Scissors
Scissors decapitates Lizard
Lizard eats Paper
Paper disproves Spock
Spock vaporizes Rock
(and as it always has) Rock crushes Scissors


@manyone this visual? :joy:

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just for fun, i asked one of those nifty text-to-image generators making news nowadays, to come up with a splash image for rock paper scissors. i used craiyon (aka mini-dalle) and it gave me 18 of them! pick one! the output is greatly dictated by the wording of the prompt, so blame me!


Thanks for sharing @rubeshbalendra - unfortunately it’s coming up as “Deleted or Private” for me.

Can you share a link to the /projectPage/ rather that the copy link please?


Here: thunkablecompanion