Wanting To BUY New Extension - Convert Text to Hex

I’ll keep this as simple. I need an extension made and I’m willing to pay someone a “reasonable” fee for creating this for me. I’m not looking for some type of work around, I just want a couple of blocks I can drop in.

There are several math blocks that are very similar to what I need, What I’m looking for is a text(ascii) version of “base 10 to hex” & “hex to base 10”

I would like to be able to take something like “32 39 55 58 34 31” and get “29UX41” back from it . I have a method for doing this right now using a Procedure with a LOT of “Replace All Texts/Segment” blocks that works quite well but it’s huge… in the neighbor hood of 300 or so blocks to be able to convert both ways. I am at the point my app has outgrown my current method and need something simple I can just plug in to my equations.

You can email me @ lo_ud@yahoo.com or get in touch with me on the forums here. I’m looking for a stable, quality extension and I’m willing to pay someone for it. For as many threads as I’ve found regarding this issue I’m shocked no one has come up with this yet.


what about using some JavaScript, for example one of these snippets

together with the new Evaluate JavaScript extension from @Andres_Cotes?


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Thankyou to every one who contacted me; Carlos_Pedroza was the first person I spoke with and they were able to provide these two extensions exactly as I requested and seem to working flawlessly.

I am amazed at the number of people who were willing and able to create this extension for me though and every one was willing to do so for a VERY reasonable cost. I should have asked for this months ago and saved myself a lot of headache.

I will be asking here again the next time I need something made. Amazing community support.


Well done @Carlos_Pedroza - you should use this as a client testimonial!! :smile:

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