Want to make stock market advisory app


Dear Friends,
want to make android app for advisory services for stock market, in which i can send data as per segment during market hour, please help
how to update data in app real time
how to make admin app
please, please, please…


First of all: have you got a source of data like API or web service?
For real time update you can use a Timer component.
How are you confident with Thunkable?


thanks to reply sir,
Actually, i am newbie in android world
can you please, explain how to make admin app and can i use firebase to update data in real time or there are any extension…

Thanks Again


If I understand you want to do two app:

  • an app to read in real time stock market data
  • an app to administrate the other app (how?)

I’m not a stock market expert but I think is impossible to manually put values in firebase because data change quickly. You have to find a web service that expose those data.

If I could give you an advice, take a look on some tutorial about read values from API (or from web services), put this value in ListView, use Timer component to update app in real time. There’s a lot of stuff here…


k sir,
can you please provide link if possible…


When I talk about API, I think at something like https://www.alphavantage.co/
I don’t know if this is your case…

About API and how to manage: Introduction to APIs
About ListWiev and Timer the docs it’s ok: https://docs.thunkable.com/android/components/user-interface/listpicker.html
or some exemple on update Changing url connection in real time


above links are to get real time data for stock market, i want to send recommendations to allowed user ,

Eg. -
at 800
SL at 790
Target @810/820}

and want to update them about when to exit from trade.

hope, you understand sir.


OK, now it’s clear. In that way it’s a bit simpler. You can use Firebase or any other database. You have to register users, authenticate them (you can use IMEI too) and let them access to data. I think you can find a lot of example on our community.