VU Beta. Free beta Extension + source

Simple return mic amplitude extension,
based on the Get max amplitude function of android.Media.Recorder library.


  • Add Destroy method to kill the VU Function. "COMPLETE"

  • Add MediaPlayer visualizer, Line graph, Circle, Spectrum Etc.

  • Possible recorder integration of various formats: wav.mp3.

Currently works in companion which was a pain to do. :slight_smile:
Very simple 2 blocks test extension below.

Method, Start begins mic listener can be used anywhere you want to trigger the function
Call get amplitude used to return Amplitude value of microphone, Attach to visual element or text block Etc.
Stop Kills the thread And can be toggled on again with a switch. Shown in the image below

java source and extension.

  • NEW Stop block added to Kill the VU Recording thread,
    com.AppyVU.aix (6.3 KB)

  • NEW Stop block added to Kill the VU Recording thread,
    AppyVU.txt (2.9 KB)

Feel free to Add/modify source :slight_smile:

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Updated Blocks. To add kill method “Stop”

As this is using the same Library’s as the SoundRecorder component,
I can Add the components from the sound recorder source as well with
custom output path, Custom output file. mp4 , 3gp,

There is a visualizer i wanted to Add but it attaches to a media component so wont work
with a recorder component. So will do that on a custom player in future, or at least
Create Element extension to attach to any playing source in the foreground.
Feedback/suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

folks who have done a Media recorder extension can feel free to import this source / modify etc.

Also if there are any other sources on the visual aspect of mediaRecorder you want to share
please do, I am very much learning from what i know already on android studio,
And like a challenge :smiley:

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