Voting Extensions

Voting Extensions enables users to vote on a question by communicating with a Web service to retrieve a ballot and later sending back users' votes.

The application should call the method RequestBallot, usually in the Initialize event handler, in order to get the ballot question and options from the Web service (specified by the ServiceURL property). Depending on the response from the Web service, the system will raise one of the following three events:

    GotBallot, indicating that the ballot question and options were retrieved and the properties BallotQuestion and BallotOptions have been set.
  1. NoOpenPoll, indicating that no ballot question is available.
  2. WebServiceError, indicating that the service did not provide a legal response and providing an error messages.

After getting the ballot, the application should allow the user to make a choice from among BallotOptions and set the property UserChoice to that choice. The application should also set UserId to specify which user is voting.

  • Once the application has set UserChoice and

  • UserId, the application can call SendBallot to
  • send this information to the Web service. If the service successfully
  • receives the vote, the event GotBallotConfirmation will be
  • raised. Otherwise, the event WebServiceError will be raised
  • with the appropriate error message.

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Make sure you have changed the Component Name, or it’s not going to work. This is already integrated by default in all builders (same as PhoneStatus extension) and importing as extension without changing component name will result in a crash or will hide the extension

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this block not showing when i logging there

It won’t show because it’s an internal component which means they are under development, unstable or shouldn’t be used by normal users.

Both this extension and the Phone Status extension are just exact copies of the code from MIT AI sources. These two components are already integrated into all AI builders and are hidden in the Internal category.

These two extensions are pointless as they won’t actually work.

My suggestion is to remove these extensions and improve your Java knowledge instead of directly copying other source codes.


You are not an extension developer, but a copier. You even copied a description about component from App Inventor. These components are internal + they don’t even work, because voting server is retired. You don’t even test if your extension works. Everyone, don’t download this extension as it is useless and doesn’t work.