Voice sensor and speech recognizer


I would like to detect if someone is talking. When the voice is detected, then speech recognizer is activated. I then want speech recognizer (including microphone on the device) to be on until the user turns it off manually.

Anyone know any voice sensor I can use with Thunkable? or any other method I can achieve what I have described above?

Thanks in advance for your input. :relaxed:


I don’t think this is possible.

You could also contact Taifun to see if they could make this an extension.


Thanks for your reply @Conor

What about using external voice sensor and link it with the app via, e.g. Bluetooth? Anyone have experience with that?


Were you able to figure this out? I need this functionality as well.


No, not yet. Maybe you can use Arduino and connect it with USB port?? I don’t know much about that at all.