Video Tutorial on how to create extension


Following are 4 parts video tutorial on how to create thunkable extensions
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

How to make own extension?
Problem create extension [off topic: working with the App Inventor sources]
How do you make an extension?

Your explaining wonderful, Thank you brother


Nice tutorial.


thanks! :grinning:


Thanks @marzukalhashimi, looking forward to watching these .


Thank you : it’s a wonderful and sharp detailed explanation!!


Nice Explanation Keep it Up.


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not working, ant clean command not found, followed everything step by step. I even followed the correct slashes in the path, everything, im not sure if those forward and backward slashes in the path are correct by i followed it, i even tried all backslashed and forward slash, still the same. so i just followed the video but error…

WORKING now, im so dumb, i need to restart my pc after all the changes, please put note on the post that we need to restart after all the changes. thanks well explained videos