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@Andres_Cotes this is great. However need something like this…


eso se puede hacer con la extensiĂłn de animaciĂłn, debes tener imaginacion y la extension de @Mika de gesture

You cannot get strips animation with the gesture. Gesture component will only changes the images within the arrangements. In the above example we see strips box moving left / right in animation and there is control when moving. Animation will not move until swipe is full. There is control in the swipe. if we can get strips animation that would be nice.

Great extension! :slight_smile:

Where is the download link? This is a great extension!

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why do you call the extension arrament instead of arrangement? I just modified the subject of this thread…
@Andres_Cotes btw in your extensions list you also might want to add your UDP server extension…

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Can you make same logic for horizantal arrangement scroll?


You are master of extention! Awsome great work indeed!

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i also need this template…

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Please checkout this Preview Video published by @Andres_Cotes. You may contact him for more details:

i have these blocks, how can i use th>is extension with multiple arrangements? i have no choise of set an id

Hi. I need this extension but I am not finding it. Could somebody help me, please?

is pay the price is 5 usd

but if you have bought another extension I send it to you free

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Hi, I need help with my app:

1.I have a label inside a vertical scroll arrangement. The text in the label changes during the program but when it changes it appears in the middle of the text, rather than at the beginning as I would like. What should I do?

2.I have a button that links to an external site. The problem is that when you return to the appellation, in some of the devices it resets and returns to the beginning. How do you keep the position on all common devices?

hi, what “set elevation” do?

api >21 show elevation effect

i have 5.1.1 (api 21 is android 5.0) but nothing elevates :smiley:
oh well, more than…