Using CSV files instead of long lists


This is a pretty common problem, especially for people who are creating quiz apps, so I’ve put together a quick video showing how you can use a spreadsheet to create you questions (or answers, or whatever data you need really!) and them read the CSV data into your Thunkable app.

The real time saver here is using the TRANSPOSE() function in Google Sheets to quickly go from four rows of data to four columns so that the questions can be exported as a .csv file.

This .csv file is then uploaded to Thunkable where the File component can easily read it and display items in a Label, a ListPicker or anywhere you need it really.

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Download the .aia File

Here’s the .aia file if you want to have a closer look.
csv_example_app.aia (2.5 KB)

Quiz Application Question And Answer Type Problem

thank you try and reply sir


sir possible demo aai file
and csv file


how can edit particular row or colme ?
its may posibol without using spreadsheet components ?


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