User Country detection

How can i know user country?

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I test with this. It shows my country is US. But I am in Bangladesh


Use network ip component and then you can find ip location with the help of whatsmyip okkk

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see the documentation

Returns the country/region code of the current Locale, which should either be the empty string, an uppercase ISO 3166 2-letter code, or a UN M.49 3-digit code.
A Locale object represents a specific geographical, political, or cultural region.

you also can try the telephony manager extension and its SimCountryIsoCode or CountryIsoCode method


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You can use the same code I posted here: How to get IP address

Just select index 2 instead of 1 :slight_smile:


Will you please provide some blocks. Which component you are saying about

read this article properly…

i can find those blocks