Uploading Files to Firebase




no,… you can use that credentials in any App Inventor Platform as you only need to get your button working. You can use it to upload files from your computer too! :slight_smile:

Regards,… Remember that you have avaliable a tutorial here:


If you compare it to the snippet in method 1 and the method in the main post to get the snippet or script from firebase storage, you will know what the cancelled parts of the image are.


Thank you very much Ahmad. Your method really helped me!



you’re welcome.

Regards :yum:


i manage to upload a single file and retrieve it. however, when i upload another file with a different name, it overwrites the previous file.
For example, my file name after the /o is imagea, imageb and imagec and i took different images to store with the different names.
However when i go to the url with http://…/oimagea or …/oimageb and …/oimagec
they all become the last image i took, the earlier images are all overwritten.

not sure why is that the case, can enlighten me? is it that the obfuscated text after the /o makes no difference to the url?


Hi Helios,

If i don’t want to choose an existing image to upload, but instead use the camera component to take picture then set the image component to the picture to check if the image looks nice before using a submit button to store the image to firebase.

Hope to have your advice and thanks in advance!


is it possible to “Call PostText” and “Call PostFile” at the same time?


this tutorial is really helpful. I tired applying this to App Inventor but ‘‘Choose file’’ doesn’t open up file storage in the phone. it seems that the event handler is not active. what do I need to do?


Using Firebase Storage: Someone knows how to upload a text file (not an image).
Does the Content_Type have anything to do with it?



@Ahmad_Saleh, please could you tell me what Content-Type are you using?


Sir how can i know the files are uploaded through code. To show error message or successful upload message.
i tried var s=storageRef.put(file);
The file was uploaded successfully but the alert only showed Object object message in successful and unsuccessful upload case.


The above code work fine with images, docs, text files too. I tested



Thank you Helios for this snippet!
For me it doesn´t work. When I load the webpage up I only get the html code.
Here is the Firebase page:

Did I do something wrong?
Thank you