Uploading Files to Firebase



@Helios Hey, how would this work with authentication to the Firebase server?

(Sorry if it’s a dumb question)


I’m not really sure. As far as I know, it should work similar to OAuth.


Yes, it is possible to do this using the Web component. This video from “Thunkable Brasil” shows how to do it (in portuguese), but it is quite simple to follow by looking at the block and visual instructions.


Cheers :cherry_blossom:


Great!; is working for me!



Hi all,
Like others here I am unable to get this working.
I follow all the steps closely and have double checked them twice.

I get to the point where the filebutton shows,
the button allows me to select a file.
I’ve tried to open upload.html on my pc and it gives the same results.

It doesn’t seem to upload anything however.
Do I need to have other things set up first?
This is literally the first thing I’m trying in thunkable.


could you share your app to see what I’m doing wrong?



I think you are mixing the two methods in order to upload files to firebase,

First method

You can upload files with the .html (you must edit the .html with your own data), anyway you have the tutorial here: https://community.thunkable.com/t/uploading-files-to-firebase/1916


Then, you use it to upload stuff

Second methos

Through web component

That worked for me, and let me upload anything. As you can see I’ve uploaded “pru3b4.samp”


sorry, but in this tutorial i do not understand anything … i try them all but it does not work!


to only say “does not work” does not help very much others to help you, does it?


why “myObject” variable its invalid?


local variables are only valid inside the large initialize local block
outside of that block they do not exist anymore


but…this is the same example that use francisco in the video “thunkable -storage de imagenes” see up…


you might want to move the 2 green web blocks inside the initialize local block as shown in my previous screenshot

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Thanks a lot its really helpful



Hello all,
Is there any way to limit the size of the file to be uploaded on the firebase ? and can we accept only image file to be uploaded ?
Also can we approve the files from firebase of particular types for downloading ?


Thanks for this post. I know you cancelled parts of your image to protect your data. Is there a way you can explain the Authorization part of your block. I cannot use the webviewer example because I need the filename locally so I can use for download.
This post will be helpful to me if I can understand the Authorization part.
Thank you.

Patrick Elisha


Hi there,

I recommend you to see that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNxpyJMRbx0

(You can download the .AIA that you can see in the video: https://goo.gl/5xgxwb)



Thanks for this guide.
I found it very useful.


Is the messaging ID, storage bucket, project id and auth domain unique to thunkable? Im using mit app inventor to build my project, is the listed method applicable to MIT app inventor too?


Does this method work with mit app inventor too? Where do i get the project bucket. Messaging sender id. Project id. AuthDomain and apikey.
Where do i search for them. Is it in mitapp inventor and firebase console?