Upload non-English character to cloudstitch causes error



If you are using non-English language like me, this may be useful.

I try upload my data in Thai language to cloudstitch and got this error.
“Exceeded content-length limit”

So I use the URI encode (from web component) to encode thai language before uploading to cloudstitch and it works.

Spreadsheets Language
CloudStitch API cause the app to stop working

Thank you for sharing!


How do you download this data to your app? Thanks.




you can follow thunkable tutorial

To download data from spreadsheet
you need to start by using the block “Get All Data”.
Once event After Get All Data occurred, you can

  • Get Column list

  • Get Row List

  • Get Value


Thanks. I have followed the tutorial, but I find that the cloudstitch ‘get all data block’ causes my app to stop running. I am not sure why. I presumed that it was a bug. I can display the data using the web viewer, but this does not give me the data in the format I want. Any advice would be welcome.


If your data are not sensitive. you may share your endpoint URL. so that I can clone your cloudstitch project and try to retrieve the data.


Hi. My endpoint URL is https://api.cloudstitch.com/daliajayes/spreadsheet-powered-api
I can successfully upload my data to it, but as I said I can only download the data using the Webviewer. Thanks.


I have cloned your project and the apps crash when get all data.
So I delete most of the data in sheet1, just only first 2 rows left.
it still crash.

I think the data in sheet1 is the problem.
In the Address field, the cell D2 and D3 (data in these cells are “Nahal Dalia, Modi’in, Israel”)
I just remove comma in the cell data.
Then no more crash! and I can read the data from any column.

I am not sure about the real cause of the problem, but hope that this can help.

my code is simple


Thank you so much. I am going to try it. You have really helped me. I will let you know what happens.


Hi. I deleted most of the data in the database and it works. The displayed data seems to be limited to a certain number of characters. It only displays part of the date and time and part of the image URL. I need to play around a bit more. It also does not display the stored image. Thank you for your help.

Trouble Getting Complete URLs from Cloudstitch Columns

very interesting!
I will find sometime to explore more.

Besides, after I have seen your data, I suggest you to try fusion table to store and retrieve the data, if you are familiar with sql.


Perfect!!! thanx for your help to my problem!!!


Thank you very much!


You did not work with me:pensive:Preformatted text


exceeded content-length limit of thunkable

นึกได้พอดีเลยครับ ว่าต้องแปลงให้ตามหลัก URI

ขอบคุณอาจารย์มากๆ ครับ:wink::wink:




I am facing same problem to upload solved issue Thankyou verymuch,

my other issues are how many sheets we can use in app and may I can do buisness with non published thunkable app