Updating the Action Bar extension


I also have an observation with latest thunkable companion v4.01.
Seems to be doesn’t work together with Actionbar (by @Andres_Cotes ) component.
I have an screen which used it and it’s caused crash.

Solution for resolve it:

  1. take a backup and save to safe place

  2. all block which are belong to components add to backpack

  3. remove componet from then screen

  4. remove component from extension list

  5. save project

  6. Add again component from local folder to extension list

  7. drop extension to desired screen

  8. recover block from backpack

  9. export app

I hope it can help to somebody who has same problem.


Thanks for flagging this @Robert_M, I’m going to move your question to it’s own topic for now.

When you were testing did it just crash with live testing or did installing the apk also crash too?

@Andres_Cotes do you have any recommendations for your users?

So I have to say: within live testing everythings works fine.
When I installed app and opent it then issued… That is why I updated extension again.
Now in both cases works fine.

Hi, I think this is my problem…
What is the last version of extension I have one from 2017
is it that?