Unique AndroidID Extension. (No Permissions Needed!)

Introduction. My first Extension. (as seen on Kodular)

This extension obtains the unique AndroidID, without any permissions. Obtaining the IEMI number, or the users name can have significant privacy concerns. This extension obtains a unique value from the device, that can only be changed when the device is reset to factory defaults.

This is a great way to track individual devices, without knowing who they are, or asking for scary permissions. This helps for GDPR and other type compliance.

A use case is you want to make sure that a device does not delete your application to get circumvent various things. I use it with firebase so I can track all sorts of stats, without ever knowing who the user is, and therefore I am very privacy compliant.




Just call the GetDeviceID, and then apply the GotDeviceID(deviceid) to whatever variable you want.

Download Here

Special thanks to Abhijith_Dominic, yusufcihan, and Taifun .