Unable to Upload one of my aia files from beta to regular thunkable


Unable to Upload one of my aia files

Please Help @amrita


What’s happening when you try to download your .aia files? Are you getting any errors?


Server error…

Downloaded all my important aia files, but that one which is Uploading to app.thunkable is very important


Does you app have many assets and/or blocks? If so, I suggest you remove some and try again.


File size is 1.90 mb only
but it contains a more then 100 small images


Do you really need all those images?


@indian - I need more information.

Can you take some screenshots of what is happening?




Y e s


HI @amrita
Here are the screen shots



did you follow these instructions?



Yes did like this. But i’m upload the aia file. @amrita


can you email me the .aia file you are having problems uploading to [email protected] and i’ll take a look at it.


Mail sent


I had the same problem.
Solution :
I use7zip to unzip the project, i delete some images (i had the images saved in another location ). I save project. Now project was smaller, 1.2mb i think and successful upload to thunkable.