Unable to load the aia file made in AppInventor


Unable to load the aia file made in AppInventor. Can any anoe upload it and send me the new aia file please.
SUN_City_Radio_2.aia (2.1 MB)


Good morning Open with legacy project


All Tried. Need Help of seniors.


What happens when you try to import the .AIA file?
Do you get any error messages?


I tried and successfully uploaded but took lot of time.

Jerin Jacob


Jerin Jacob


The problem is it contains lots of images.
Really lot.
That is the main problem.
Jerin Jacob


Please Download the aia file and sens it to me. Thanks…


What is the problem happening when uploading project?
Wait it will took time to upload.


Earlier i was unable to load the file. But now it is uploaded to the thunkable. Unable to open now.


Yes the file is loaded and opened now. :slight_smile:


Becuse it contains many images and screens.
First remove unwanted images and screen and try to reduce size or you will face big difficult.
It contains about 12 screens and images more than 100.
Try using icon fonts and arrangements.

Jerin Jacob


I Opened the file, But unable to Generate the QR Code for apk


Is there any simple method in which i can delete the unused images and blocks.


This is how the file is behaving


There is two way one using pc and other from thunkable.
If you know which images you don’t want, then you can use pc .Using a zip file opener open it and delete images.
If you don’t know which images you don’t want, then better delete it from thunkable.

Jerin Jacob


see tip 1 and 2 here



It is great that i have received your reply. :grinning: Really u are a legend. I refer puravida apps from the beginning, and i have learnt a lot from your source files. Thank you sir.