Unable to download .apk file to my computer


Im deeply concerned and involved in making application through thunkable, your app making capabilities are quite impressive, unfortunately, I have encountered a problem while downloading my application . apk file to my computer as you can see in the attatched picture. Everytime i try to save .apk file from ’ Export " in the menu bar, it shows an error i.e " Server error: could not build target. Please try again later! " Hoping for a quick response from anyone from your side as it will be highly appreciated. Thankyou!

  • Perhaps the server is busy
  • Make sure your icon image is not too big (48-144px is enough)

How big are your images in PX and not in KB/MB…



@Boban_Stojmenovic Thankyou for your response,
Im trying from last 2 days, its not working. Secondly, the icon image isnt that big and the other images which are used as background images of screens and the ones i have uploaded for the users as its an application showing high definition football pictures to the users, are hd images having more PX.


see tip 2 here

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB



Of your image, I can not see how many images you have as assets and you can only build apk that is no more than 10MB, so if your images exceed 10MB then it can not build it…



@Taifun Thanks Sir, its an addition in my knowledge to build any app. As it says, 30x30 is an essential size to upload any picture but what if i want to make an application with almost 100 or more images for the users? Would it remain in the size limit of building any app?
@Boban_Stojmenovic Sir, I have got more than 100 images as assets, how can i make an app more than 10mb Size as more than 100 images would require more than 10mb even if i resize each picture to the smallest.
Thanks for your response Sir.


Follow @Taifun’s proposal.