Unable to apply my own .keystore file


I’ve created a .keystore using cmd and imported it to my app but after applying my own .keystore the compile process cannot go further. Why? I’ve developed a app and about to share it to the playstore using my own .keystore file. Can anyone help me in this process?


Thunkable default values for keystore and if you have anything else it will not work…

Default Keystore Password - android
Default Key Password - android
Default Keystore Alias - androidkey


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I was in a similar situation, I had already published app and lost its source code, so I decided to build a new one in Thunkable, but I couldn’t publish it because it had a different package name and original app was signed with my custom keystore. Finally, @Boban_Stojmenovic helped me to sign the apk with my keystore.

You’ll need jarsign command line tool, you’ll get it when you install JDK (not JRE!)

jarsigner -verbose -tsa http://timestamp.comodoca.com -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore /PATH/TO/YOUR.keystore -storepass YOUR_PASSWORD YOUR_APP.apk "KEYSTORE_ALIAS"

After that you’ll need to zipalign it. Zipalign comes with Android studio, and I couldn’t find any official standalone installer for it. I didn’t want to install Android studio so I searched and searched and searched, and finally found standalone zipalign (for MacOS, though)

To zipalign the APK, run the following command:

zipalign -f -v 4 YOUR_APP.apk YOUR_APP_zipalign.apk

The newly generated YOUR_APP_zipalign.apk should be ready for publishing. Make sure to replace ALLCAPS placeholders in above commands with your data.


I’m totally confused :frowning: Can we have some chats or do u have any video tutorials on it? :slight_smile:


This worked :slight_smile: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: