UDP Extension?!

Hello guys,

I’m new here, I come from AI2 MIT. It’s great here and I saw a big community with a lot of grandious extensions.

But I’m searching for over a half year for a complete udp extension to send/receive udp packages and also join broad/multicast for sending/receive on this (e.g.

I don’t find any. A TCP Extension I found, but no UDP. Is here a clever guy who could make it?

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hola amigo

puedes mirar esto


I saw this, but this will not work as I need. It’s not UDP.

I’m needing a real UDP Extension where I can send/receive to a ip without user activity as like http put/get but udp and with join broad and multicast adresses (e.g. I read a lot of times in other communities, that they need this extension but until now there is no there.

Ayer hice una prueba y reconoció el método para ser compilado está semana continuo probando a ver si se puede lograr

Can you answer in englisch please? With google translate I have no chance to understand your meaning.
As I would write in german…

i work built extension next day


With this (https://packetsender.com/) it’s possible to test udp extension.

Normally you must send/receive data with IP and port over udp and it must be possible to send/receive data over IP (multicast) and broadcast (normally 192.168.x.255) with port.

amigo logre el cliente es necesario el server

Wow looks really really great. There are a lot of people who need this I saw in lot of forums.

Where can I download it?

Great, but, remember that parameter names must start with a lower case letter. So Message should be message & Address should be address


Why is this important?

These are just rules from the MIT AppInventor Team, to have all extensions using a standard structure

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it is just a Right Syntax to follow whiles doing things.





Dear sir i need this extension please from where i can download it . thanks

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Seems here is error in extension, regarding sending of UTF encoded string…
Let assume string contains non-ASCII characters “абвгд”. Length of string is 5 characters.
However all character is incoded by 2 bytes - D0B0 D0B1 D0B2 D0B3 D0B4, so actual size of packet is 10.
On the far end, udp receiver reports that packet size is 5 bytes, and only half of buffer is received.

Here is the best Extension I found for UDP.
It allows you even to send and receive Data in binary mode so using arrays of integer or HEX value instead of a text message.