Tutorial:How to use Enhance.co to enhance our App


I have been using their service and so far i liked it.

Source from their website https://enhance.co/

Implement and update any mobile SDK in minutes, for free.
Get the services you want without touching their SDKs.

Select the services you want integrated Upload your compiled app Enhance automatically injects services into your app Download and publish your Enhanced app

This are the Steps on how to Enhance your app w/out CODING

Take note Labeled with “ZERO CODE” is the only feature that can be applied to our app.

Step 1
Sign Up and create an account first then follow this steps.

Step 2
Uploading your APK

Step 3
Choose the service that you want to apply to your app

Step 4

Step 5


Useful article.

But, Is it editable in thunkable after enhancing the app?
Suppose If I want to update app later.



You can no longer edit the Enhanced APK but you can upload a new version of the app( APK File) that was exported in Thunkable. Just make sure use the same android key so that you can update the app in the PlayStore.

enhance.co enhances your apk not your Thunkable project. I guess you have to do this every time you upload something to Google Play.


Yes its the APK not the .AIA

please guide me about step 4.what is certificate key stock and password.and where we will find it?

that is your android key “import keystore” and make sure never to lose it. So everytime you make an update to your AIA file and export the updated APK you will need that Android Key you imported to use it on enhance. So that you can still update your app from the Playstore.

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I followed the procedure but ads do not appears on my app

please post blocks

blocks will not do anything because the apk you created will be uploaded to enhance.co and they will be the one who will inject scripts on your apk to add your prefered ad company.

by the way in Step 3 you will need to create an account with the ad company of your choice .

it not work more than 2 ads (i try add adcolony and vungle ads) . sorry my english.
thank for share.

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If you have read what are the ads that you can only use without coding is “Zero Code Label” if you will be using vungle or ad colony you will need to insert code by your self. check the photo that i inserted.

or check my other (new) post where in there is an enchance.co extension where in you can use Vungle or ad colony

here it is [Free] Enhance.co Extension :)

Can I put more than 2 banner

have there any option in “enhance connector” like
“when ad left the application”?

enhance.co extension not bee download.link not working.why

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hello i want to know if the sdk are updated like admob and so on ,or is this only a way to display ads. I dont understand that, if i use that extension, do i have to put in the banners with the enhance hompe, where i can say where i wanto to show my ads and wgich ads i want to display.
how can i say on enhance homepage that i want to use screen 4 layout 6 at the top. ?

This video may give you better knowledge.