Tutorial Create Extension. Template. Source code. Build extension

Thank you great tutorial :slight_smile:

I have one question though, can we extension that are visible on the screen ?


Directly in Screen not, but we can create components by code:

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This is just awesome, anything can be found out in this community. just what i was looking . i had a need to change something for slider. Your post are great and simple.

I will update you, if i don’t understand anything.

Once again, Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, what user should I put? image

En mi instalación no pidió username, escribe usuario a ver si funciona.

Can U Give A Video Tutorial Link
Ur Given Link Is Not Opening.

Try this link


the link shows forbidden error

I don’t have a class path in my win 10 environmental variable how can i setup the java and ant

You can create with New, read tutorial…

and what about system variables

It is only necessary in user.

For users wanting to create extensions without the hassle of installing the AI sources you can use:




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