Too many assets


Hello everyone,
I have a problem, I need 38 images to run my app…
I would like to store its images on a folder on the phone with the extension Taifun File and Taifun Zip in a folder like : …android/data/[package name]
I have already do something but it’s work only on my phone because this path is different to each phone…


  1. 38 images are a lot, consider @Taifun’s method to prevent gigantic apk files. Can you reduce the image’s size?
  2. You can use his Tools extension for the PathToAssets. I hope you think about the development path being different from the final version path of images


@Red_Panda the PathToAssets method only can help if you are using the webviewer component…


see tip 2 here



Thanks for your help

@Red_Panda I can’t reduce image’s size …
@Taifun I use already 9 screens … But my assets (38) are for all the app…

In fact, what I want is a path universal for all device…
I don’y know if “/sdcard/android/data/[package name]” is universal