Title invisible...help


hello. in my program when pickup list picker dont show title of list elements. in older versions it work. sorry for my eng.


I prefer send the screen shot of components layout.


what i do wrong?


Im sorry i was unable to in thunkable last few days, but im availabe now so tell me did you got solution for your issue.


Dont work in case "Device Default" title and no, i dont have solutions. :confused: title


You can create a custom Title with horizontal arrangement. and use material icon files to place icons.


I dont use Title on Screen1, but in List_Picker i need the Title was visible. I hope this bug will fixed someday. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some how may be but now they are showing more intrest on thunkable X. so it tooks some time to fix may be not.


This Bug Will Be Fix Soon Kee Calm Thunkable Team Is Doning Work On It But Keep Calm They Have Many Hard Works So Don’t Create Any Post About That, I Think You I’ll Understood What I Am Say


Oh come on im just saying what you said, Why are so angry about that.
every one know that thunkable is now working on X platform.


I Am Not Angry But I Am Just Saying Don’t Create Post


Ok Not a problem.