Tips for getting best result of images inside column

Hi Thunkers,
I would like to give you a tip about getting the best result of images inside column.

  1. Images as column background usually depends on the 100% width and length.
  2. Well, you can set a column for instance:
    30% height and 90% width. This column is exist only to let us set another column inside it as size 100% height and 100% width.
  3. Now you can place your image as a background for the second column which has 100% height and width.
    At this method you will get the best result for sure.
    Note 1: The size of the columns must be responsive (%).
    Note 2: Set the image to “Contain” or “Cover”
    Note 3: You can now design big images at Photoshop for example the reduce the size at
    The size will be reduced and the resolution will stay as it is.
    Tell me if it is an efficient method, please.
    Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Thanks for this tip!
Could you attach an app or a Screenshot demonstrating how this looks?


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Hi there,
I want to tell you actually @jane
Why we cannot set the image full width inside the column? If we do that, the image seems that have margins. Is it a bug?

Thanks for sharing this tutorial.