TinyDB advanced use

Maybe it’s obvious, but I realize that you can store a list as value in a TinyDB. So I can use it to store records instead of a relational database as SQLite or similar.
Let’s do some examples.
I have to manage a list of products. I can store in TinyDB each product using product ID as key and a list of properties (for example, category, description, price) as value. When I need these properties I can recover product by ID and then read each value from the list. If I need a list of products, I can iterate each key and than read each value from list.
This is an easy way to emulate a database but there is a limitate way to querying it. We can expand it using another TinyDB storing a property as key and a list of associate IDs as value. For example I can have a record with a category as key and a list of IDs of products that belong to this category.
So if I need all the products of a category I can query the second TinyDB using category as key, read the value as a list of product ID and using that list query the first TinyDB using each item of the list as key.
I must update both TinyDB every time something change so if I remove a product, I must remove its ID from the list of the relative category and so on.

I know, using a real DB it’s the best practice but if you don’t want or if you cannot use other DB or extensions or if you want a really local database, you can use such solution.


the constraint with the tiny db component is the execution time of consumption for small lists of less than 1000 elements, but in lists of more than 6 thousand elements there are large waiting times

Right! I didn’t consider performance issues. It works for small projects due to the need of scan all the items every time.

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I have created this advance level App, but anyone help me to take backup TinyDB and Restore. I am trying this Extension, but restore is not working due to image path.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGNaEPJWQdo&t=3s