Till what extent is thunkable free to use

I need to know till what extent thunkable is free to use before i start developing apps.
I noticed they charge for using genmotion emulator feature.
Let me know if there are any other features that i need to pay for during deployment.

Thunkable themselves do not charge for the Genymotion emulator. It’s just one of the many types of emulator you could use.

All I know at the moment is that all of the features you see on the platform (app.thunkable.com) will be completely free to use [forever].
We do know that Thunkable might be starting a paid service in the future, after iOS is completed. However, there is no news about this yet.


I have used Thinkable for about 4 -5 month now and i have never seen anything i needed to pay for :slight_smile:

Maybe this could answer some of your questions: Thunkable for Educators


Thunkable is byfar the best appmaker , i have heard of alternatives which charge and gives the same features as thunkable gives


There’s some discussion of Thunkable’s monetization plans in this old article: MIT spin-out Thunkable hopes its drag-and-drop app builder can be a money-spinner too.

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Sorry for reviving this old topic.

Could anyone please clarify the following: Assuming I was to start developing the app using Thunkable, I believe I would be able to export an aia-file and continue developing the app myself or let a freelancer develop it further in or outside Thunkable.

Could you please confirm that this view is correct? Could Thunkable at any point in time charge me for doing this?


As far as I know @Thunkable does not plan to charge you for using Thunkable Android. We don’t have any information how it will be with Thunkable X, because it is officially in beta.


So at this point in time it is possible to for example export a Thunkable aia-file and to import it to App Inventor in order to continue development there? Do Thunkable mind professional programmers helping with some of the more tricky aspects of developing apps in Thunkable?

No Thunkable and App Inventor are two different products. If you use components in Thunkable that AI doesn’t have you will have to remove them before trying to import them. The builders that are around are getting more and more different from each other. So just importing an aia will sometimes work and sometimes not.

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