TickView Extension



Useful extension, based on ChengangFeng’s library to create a TickView inside an arrangement.

Event Handler

  • Changed: When a TickView is toggled, the Changed event is triggered. It returns the id of the TickView and the value whether is Checked or not.


  • Single: Method for creating a new TickView. Parameters: Arrangement input: Arrangement where the TickView will be displayed. Number id: Number that will be returned when toggling the TickView to true or false. boolean check: Whether the initial state of the tickview is true or false. Note: The id doesn’t need to be unique, it is only for identification purposes.


  • CheckedColor: Specifies and returns the color of the TickView when it is checked. Default: Green.

  • UncheckedColor: Specifies and returns the color of the TickView when it isn’t checked. Default: Red.

  • RadiusBase: Specifies and returns the radius of the tickview (in dp). Default: 30.

  • RadiusOffset: Specifies and returns the radius offset (distance between the left side and the tick in dp). Default: 4.

  • RadiusTick: Specifies and returns the size of the tickview (in dp). Default: 12.

  • RateMode: Specifies and returns the rate mode of the tickview animation. Default: 1. Pass number 0 for Slow animation, number 1 for normal speed animation and number 2 for fast animation.

  • TickColor: Specifies and returns the color of the Tick when it is checked. Default: White.




Wow! Great job guys! Thank you for your support!
For more features or customization, send a PM for princing information.



Wow you are making the greatest extensions. Great work :+1:


@Carlos_Pedroza thanks for providing wonderful extensions for free.
A request from me:
Please do create extensions related to google products such as :

  • Google my business

  • Google places

  • Hotels
    and more.
    Extensions such as Cardview and new Components are also very helpful.
    I can provide you the links for full description regarding how to use this services i.e, API ‘s
    Thank you,

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If he makes an extension for every project in the Google API console, he has a lot to do. Maybe you figure it out yourself how to use these APIs with the Web component


@Red_Panda I agree with you & even I am trying hard to implement this API services on my own.I have read the guides for the above API’s and I think using these API’s with the web component is tough so I felt the necessity of creating the extension for the same.The Guide for implementing and working with these API’s has provided different sets of code in JAVA and HTTP to call different actions.

  1. Google places:
    Use:place picker,place autocomplete,place photos and more.
    link: https://developers.google.com/places/ there are three sections under this link I am interested in pace autocomplete.
    2.Google my Business:
    Use:Create and edit locations in google my business
    link: https://developers.google.com/my-business/

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This will be a very useful extension.

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Great! In a few hours I will be uploading the extension!


Extension published in our new website! See the first post!

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superb :heart_eyes:

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cual es el sitio web

See first post

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Really like what you do!
It’s always with a good description, screenshots, vidéo!

That’s Great!
Keep going!

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sir plz give me the .aix download link … I try so many time but i cun’t download the .aix file … the short link problems … plz plz … give me the .aix download file…

i will send it to you :wink:

This is perfect, very good extension. Unfortunately I can not download it because when I want to access the .aix website it blocks me saying that the page is dangerous. Can someone give me the download link please?

sir can u give me the .aia file or apk file plz… ! i cunt understand if possible … plz. pm me.

@app191852 You can get it here

I’m vry excyted About it plz… relez…it fast …

Please helo anyone can share aix file is here, i cant download aix file in link above. Thanks