Thunkable Weather


I wrote if ($_GET['data]) instead of if (isset($_GET['data]))

I fixed too some other erros like that


Any idea how to get the cloud coverage in %?

#23 or &visibility&data gives you the cloud visibility in %


How can I download the files to upload them to my own website?


Here there are: (2.3 MB)

Change in the variable $myApiKey to your OpenWeather Map API Key. You can request one here:

I’ve also added also a fancy error report:

So if any error occurs, it will be easier to fix it


Wow, that’s some great work there.

I am busy with an app for field surveys and need a way to capture relevant weather data to my database.
I’ve been able to do a successful test using the blocks below, but I don’t know how I should go about getting the rest of the data (humidity, cloud cover & pressure).
Also, I am aware that I can’t use this method for my final app, as I need to get my own API key, but what is the process then?


You’re using @barreeeiroo’s servers, so that uses his API key. If you want to run his php script on your own servers then you’ll need your own key.

For humidity


Cloud cover

You can find the complete list of parameters here:


Please can you update it? You could add air pollution, uv index, weather alerts, api key parameter (?key=) and fix the language bug (italian [it] doesn’t work).


I’ll add the key parameter soon because today I got an email saying that my key was canceled due to overuse
And regarding the other options, as you can suppose, I don’t have too many free time


Ok, thanks.
Just to let all know i found 's api awesome, you can give it a try


Oh, what about the language? it doesn’t change


The link doesn’t work anymore. What can I do?