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Sounds good - another popular topic, and there are plenty of examples of well designed Thunkable apps in teh community. Thanks for the suggestion.


Show of hands so please! :slight_smile:

  • Building Apps for Business Users
  • Monetising Your Apps
  • Designing Your Apps

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Thanks for your votes everyone! Tomorrow we’ll be chatting about designing apps in Thunkable.

Do you have any tip or tricks that you use for your layouts?
What typography recommendations would you make for someone starting out?
What extensions do you use to implement Material Design best practices in your apps?
Can you think of any #SuccessfullyTHUNKd apps that stand out to you for their great UI or UX?

Get you (design) thinking caps on!

Thunkers who Tweet

Good poster :smile:


Thanks @pavi2410

One hour to #Thunkchat. We’re chatting about all things design today. Get your screenshots, links and videos ready, here’s our agenda (times in PST)

10:00 [Q1] What are your top tips for creating a well designed app?

10:15 [Q2] What are your favourite extensions for creating beautiful apps?

10:30 [Q3] What features could @Thunkable add to make your designs even better?

10:45 [Q4] Which @Thunkable apps do you think are examples of great design?

Question 4 is especially for anyone who’s never participated before. Have you seen an app made with Thunkable that you thought looked and worked really great? Tweet a link to it, or retweet/like one you agree with, the developer will really appreciate your support!! :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to tell :sweat_smile:


Today, I won’t be able to join! @Domhnall


That time of the week again folks. The topic for #Thunkchat tomorrow will be “Finding your way with Google Maps”

Do you know of any #SuccessfullyTHUNKd apps that use Google Maps?
What questions would you like to ask the Thunkable developers?
What tips would you give to users trying to use Google Maps in their apps?
What are your favourite features of the Google Maps component?
Have you used Google Maps with any other component - i.e. Location Sensor or Cloudstitch?


My app SOSgram uses it :raised_hands:

Experiment with it and play with its functions :smile:

Probably the option to add markers to the map. It’s a really cool function :sunglasses:

Sure. I’ve used it with a MySQL database in SOSgram to store users locations and also with the LocationSensor


OK, so here’s the agenda for #Thunkchat today (all times PST):

10:00 Q1) What @thunkable apps have you made using @googlemaps?
10:15 Q2) What are your favourite @googlemaps features in @thunkable?
10:30 Q3) Share your favourite @googlemaps #code snippets with us.
10:45 Q4) What other components or services work well with @googlemaps?

I was just looking up the best practices for sharing images on Twitter, and a 2:1 aspect ration seems to be best. It looks good in desktop and mobile:



So, particularly for Q3, if you’re sharing some code snippets they’ll look best if they’re sized 2:1 (I’ve used 506px by 253px)


Tomorrow we’re tweeting all about the various cloud storage options in Thunkable. If you’ve used Firebase, Cloudinary, Cloudstich or indeed TinyWebDB or Fusion Tables then please let us know about you experiences.


Agenda for #Thunkchat today: (all times PST)

10:00 Firebase: Successfully Thunked + Tips and Tricks
10:15 Cloudinary: Successfully Thunked + Tips and Tricks
10:30 Cloudstich: Successfully Thunked + Tips and Tricks
10:45 Best of the Rest: Dropbox, Drive, TinyWebDB, Fusion Tables, custom made SQL/php etc

#Thunkchat typically gets about 100,000 impressions every week, so it’s a great way to promote your apps and share you experiences for free!!

If you haven’t l joined Twitter yet you’ve got about 40 minutes to do so, you’ll get lots of new followers you if you tweet with #Thunkchat today! :grinning:


Thanks again to everyone who took part in the Twitter chat last Saturday - I’m looking forward to hearing more about @albert’s new mystery Cloudinary app! :smiley:

Despite the low number on contributors (people chatting) we actually had record number of participants (people liking and retweeting), especially anything that had an education or ed-tech hashtag associated with it. So with that in mind, this weekend we’ll be chatting about Thunkable in Education.

If you’re a student or a teacher this chat is for you! We’ll be discussing the new education categories in the community, the upcoming competition for High School students and plenty more. If you have any questions you want answered let me know and I’ll do my best to include them.


This is your weekly reminder that #Thunkchat starts in 30 minutes. This week is all about using Thunkable in Education.

Our agenda (All times PST):

10:00 Introduce yourself

10:05 Are you using Thunkable in your school or college?

10:20 What do you like & What would you like?

10:35 Thunkable Student Challenge

10:50 Tutorials and Lesson Plans in the Community