Thunkable Twitter Chat!



Just out of curiosity, are many members of the community Twitter users? I’m going to propose a series of impromptu Tweet Ups tomorrow, something in the AM and PM to suit a global audience. What do people think about this following times?

  • 10am UTC
  • 10pm UTC
  • Other (please comment)
  • I don’t use Twitter

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Turns out lots of you aren’t on Twitter?

I’ll see the rest of you over there in a few hours. :slight_smile:

Check out 10pm UTC in your time zone here:,600,cn3


Counting down! :grinning:


#Thunkchat number 1 starts now. The topic today is “A few of my favourite things”. what are your favourite things about #Thunkable??


That was fun! Thanks to @Taifun for joining in. Check out #Thunkchat over on Twitter to see what you missed.
Any suggestions for topics (and time slots?) next week??


Can we have something around 5 PM UTC for the tweet up?
You can see 5 PM UTC in your timezone here :,300,cn3

  • Yes, I like the tweet up being around 5 PM UTC
  • No, let’s continue the tweet up at 10 PM UTC

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Thanks for all your votes, and thanks to @nice-jimbo-slice for his encouragement with this!

The next #Thunkchat tweet-up is happening tomorrow at the slightly earlier time of 5pm UTC,1740,cn3
Hopefully this will suit more people.

The topic this time out is “Successfully Thunked” so it’s an opportunity for everyone to show off the incredible apps they’ve created with Thunkable.

Here are some of the highlights from #Thunkchat no.1

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


Less than an hour until #Thunkchat no 2!!


I thought it was yesterday. :sweat_smile:


Nope, there’s still time! Come and share your new FAB extension!! :grinning:


Yes, definitely …


Next time, I think, you should arrange a #FaceUp on Facebook :joy:

I think very less people uses Twitter on a daily basis.


The topic for #Thunkchat no.3 is EXTENSIONS!!

Have you developed an .aix file?
Does your Thunkable app use extensions?
Are you working on an extension?
Do you want to learn more about extensions?
Do you have any extension related info you’d like to share?

Then see you on Twitter, this Saturday at 5pm UTC!

Thanks to @FamousMrThomas for this incredible poster, please feel free to Tweet it and spread the word.

Regular expression extension


I never use it

Or a chat on this forum here


It’s that time of the week folks, join us on Twitter for #thunkchat


Does anyone have any suggestions for a topic for #Thunkchat this weekend?


How about creating business apps with Thunkable? I mean, a complete Sales Force made with Thunkable. I’ve seen many types of apps, but almost none of them are about this scenario.
Just an opinion


Thanks for the suggestion @Kleyber_Derick - we’d need some contributors who have already built this sort of app and I can’t recall anyone posting about CRM apps in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd. If you know anyone who could spare an hour on Saturday that would be great!

Lots of people have built apps for their companies though, and Monetisation is always a popular subject…maybe something along those lines?


I’ve made this kind of app, but it was my first experience in developing with Thunkable, so I really don’t know if I’m using the best way do develop an app like this.

About Monetisation, I think is a good idea (less complex than mine!!) :wink:



Why not talk avout revolutionary designs in AppInventor and Thunkable?