Thunkable Stops Unfortunately Everytime


Hi thunkers,
I am on a project of making a Quote App.
and i am using components like Spreadsheet and some extensions but as i update something in the Excel sheet and Test the app in Thunkable Live
Link to the video-

Snap 1

Snap 2


give some more details so that the rest members can understand and help…


attached the link for my problem video pls help asap


without looking at your video you might want to follow tip 1 and 2



I think it was necessary to have different screens
As i have some categories i ll show up a snap


In Snap 1 when when we Click Attitude status Button then Snap 2 Screen should open where in empty space the text from Spreadsheet should occur butvafter 3-4 seconds the app crashes just like shown in Snap 3


if you have some empty celds (and you call it ); the App stop ! this happened to me. and fix it with conditionals block


nobody said, that you should not use different screens
but if you do, then you should switch them correctly…