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I tried searching for Thunkable pricing without success. It says:

Thunkable is free to use.

Thunkable charges a maintenance fee for the use of certain components such as Ads by AdMob and Payment by Stripe."

Just curious about this maintenance fee structure if it may be available.

Any help is appreciated.


If you use the AdMob components on the Thunkable classic platform, Thunkable automatically take 5% of the revenue you earn.

If you use the Stripe Payment component on Thunkable ✕, Thunkable automatically take 2% of each transaction.

what happens with pro users.
Answer please

The price model is the great riddle. Annual $250 for the Pro Version is senseless if you want to create small paid price apps without promotion.
If the free version has a maintenance fee when using ads then for whom is Thunkable good for?
Remember App users are not best friends of ads - at least i am not.
I really don’t understand the Thunkable pricing … so sad ):
Perhaps you should overthink price structure in general and give small developers a chance by offering a better price structure … but maybe you don’t know your potential customers?

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Hey @sokobo, Welcome to the community - thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.

Would love to hear what you find confusing about the pricing page at the moment. We’re working on a redesign at the moment so any and all feedback is helpful at this stage.

A one month membership is just $25 dollars, would that be more interesting to you?

Also, if you charge $1 for your app and get 1 download a day that’s a 46% return on your $250 dollar investment - which would be pretty spectacular in my opinion!

At the moment there are 56 components in the Thunkable X platform that you can use to create apps for Android, iOS and the Web. 54 of those components are available to everyone, for free, for ever. You only need a PRO membership if you want to use Push Notifications or AdMob.

Currently, you can publish your project in 3 ways; As an Android app, an iOS app and as a Mobile Web App. Free users can publish their apps on Android and iOS.


You have a free, a one month and and annual membership as a choice.
I don’t know what will happen with my app when i for instance use one month membership? Will it become public after a month?
Will there be automatic prolongation of the membership or do i have the choice to prolong?
Let’s assume the following process:
I have developed an app with Thunkable, would like to upload to google playstore and like $ 0,30 for downloading my app. When i have chosen free version of Thunkable then i am urged to make the app public with no price at google playstore - right or wrong?
I would like to create apps without promotion in the app.
For me as private developer and newcomer no chance of forecasting the download numbers of paid content.
You are right concerning charge of $1 and having 1 download a day … then $250 dollar will be a joke.
However i don’t know in advance what will happen and i am not a marketing expert or professional programmer; some bad evaluations from buyers and download rate might be zero soon.
If you make a redesign of the price model maybe a third alternative between pro and free version would be nice.
And take in mind your competitors - if i switch over to the more sophisticated Java IDE there will be zero costs for me … of course it is more complicated to program - that is the huge advantage of Thunkable, it offers the possibilty to achieve good results in much more less time :slight_smile:

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Think of paying for Thunkable Pro like investing in a business or paying someone to develop an app for you. In neither case do you have guarantee of success and all the money you pay might go to waste.

Apply the same idea to Thunkable Pro.

One thing @domhnallohanlon missed out on the difference between free and pro is that all projects you create on the free plan are always public. You can publish these but anyone can steal your work. On the paid plan you can make your project private so people can’t steal your work, only the general idea.

If you pay for a month then during that month you can make your project private. At the end of the month, if you do not resubscribe, your project will become public.

Hi Thunkable Community!

Pinning our pricing page here for reference: Thunkable Pricing

Our most popular plan is the PRO plan, which best enables you to turn your app ideas into reality.

For AdMob in particular, the maintenance fee you share with Thunkable is 10% of your AdMob revenue. You can read more in our docs here!


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